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About me?  I am MBC!  My aim is to make Music Beyond Control: music makes you want to laugh, or cry, music that still gives you goose pimples after the umpteenth time you heard it, music that makes you want to dance, even if you can’t!

I do not have the Secret & Infallible Recipe to deliver pieces that are nothing short of spectacular, but I am constantly trying to find it! In doing so, I write and execute my own music.
With today’s technology, one can of course ‘play’ just about anything, but my instrument is the guitar. From time to time I will also resort to using my voice.

My roots are in (alternative) rock music, but I am not picky! Occasionally I will venture into other styles, like fusion, jazz, the odd classical bit, or even singer/songwriter stuff.

I write, record and mix. For myself, but also for others! My services a and tariffs are as follows:

writing: € 50 per song

recording: € 100 per day

mixing: € 75 per song

Interested? Drop me a line!

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